Silhouette render is affecting dynamic range

My workflow is using resolve and Silhouette plugin 2021.0.1. I did my paint work and then rendered the output node, session data window, linear interpolation out to my hard drive for delivery to another VFX artist. The Resolve timeline color management is DCIP3 linear.

You can see in the screenshots that the export from Si has jacked with the color space. Need help figuring out what’s gone wrong.

When using the Silhouette plug-in, you should be rendering using Resolve rather than from within Silhouette to your hard drive.

It’s not rendering to the timeline. Does it work with Resolve 16?

Is the Timeline resolution the same size as the clip?

Yes. They match up.

I have Resolve 17 and rendering is fine. Previously, rendering in Resolve 16 worked as well.

Hmmm. Odd. Aside from the plug-in active switch and node to render selection, any suggestions on what to check?

By default, an Output node that does not have an output file path is automatically created
and inserted at the bottom of the tree at the time of project creation. To render in the host, in this case Resolve, the Output node should have no path or file entered. If you previously entered a path and file name in the Output node, replace it with a new Output node.

Ok. Thanks Marco.
Out of the office for a while. I’ll try it when I return.