Silhouette Roto Node Python Changes


In the roto node we have 4 channels, RGBA. Is it possible to add more to this list with python, dynamically?
My end goal is to assign different color to different layers, which build up multiEXR, meaning single exr render with multiple channel.

@Akshansh No, Silhouette will only pass through four channels, but you can bundle up multiple Roto nodes and send them all to a Output Multi-Part node. Additional input ports on the Output Multi-Part node can be added by Python.

@marco thanks for the response. I also thought of Output Multi-Part node first, but that would increase the node graph with multiple roto nodes. Is there a python function to create a group node, similar to what we have in Nuke. I can try to group all Roto nodes, and show them as single custom node with multiple inputs.

Unfortunately, there is no way to group nodes via Python at this time.