Silhouette Self-Help Resources

Here’s a list of Silhouette training resources.

Silhouette User Guide
Documents every feature and included tutorials.

Paid Training - Boris FX
Mastering Silhouette
Digital Beauty Basics in Silhouette

Paid Training - fxphd
Introduction to Silhouette and Roto
Introduction to Silhouette and Paint, Part 1
Introduction to Silhouette and Paint, Part 2

Paid Training - LinkedIn Learning
Learning Silhouette

Free Silhouette Videos - Boris FX
Complex Wire Remove with Silhouette and Mocha
Short Videos by Subject
Complete List of Videos

Free Silhouette Videos - YouTube
VFX World
madlookz VFX

Compositing Resources
Digital Compositing for Film and Video, Third Edition 3rd Edition
by Steve Wright

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics 2nd Edition
by Ron Brinkmann

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