Silhouette shapes to Mocha pro Not working

Hello there Mocha/Silhouette users, I’m having an issue exporting my silhouette (2022) shapes into mocha 2022. From silhouette I notice the exported file type is fxs. But inside mocha, this file can’t be imported. Though mocha imports the SFX project containing the keyframe markers of the frames tracked inside silhouette but the shape data isn’t moving. How can i fix this?

We’ll need to investigate this. If I recall, the shape workflow from Mocha to SIlhouette is working correctly, but there may be issues going the other way - from Silhouette to Mocha.

To be specific, you first need to create a project in Mocha, then import the Silhouette project (.sfx) not the exported roto shape. Please try that while we look on our end.

Hello Shain , check this video out.

@valarts_118 I recall this issue from awhile back. I believe one of the solutions was to import a Silhouette project, but the project could only have a Roto Node. I have to look back and see what was figured out on my end. Also, if you roto in B Splines, they will be converted in Mocha to a different format.

These are the file formats it exports out as. This doesn’t seem right.


@Katie but what the difference between sfx and fxs files, mocha cant read anything except sfx project files.I could recall it use to work fine in prior versions.

Silhouette shape import to Mocha is very limited at the moment.


An explanation of why you need to do this is in the section below
This is convoluted, but if you just need to get your work into Mocha to get on with it, there is a way to do it:

  1. In silhouette, export your layer to SSF
  2. Re-import the SSF into your project and name it something else
  3. Save and import the SFX file to Mocha


Read on if you want to know why Mocha shape import is the way it is right now:

Shape import was originally designed to just import keyframed Roto data to help support specific rotoscoping situations, so some of the data structure issues you’re seeing make sense.
We’ve mainly focused on getting data out to Silhouette, not the other way around.

  1. We only import the SFX file, not fxs shapes
  2. You can only import top-level x-splines or bezier splines (not B-splines or splines inside other groups)
  3. You cannot import splines that have separated transform data. Currently, we ONLY support spline keyframe data.

I suspect this is why you’re seeing no movement. The shoulder track you’ve done has some manual roto keys, but I assume the rest is tracking transform data, which we currently don’t import.

We have a few feature requests to add to this import. As I mentioned above, the main focus has been getting solid Mocha data out to Silhouette for the last few versions.
Importing Silhouette shapes with transform data separate from spline point data is one that really needs to be implemented for this Import to work more broadly.
For the time being, the workaround above is the best option.

Thank you for explaining this limitation , i can at least understand were I’m at. I’m just gonna skip the mocha phase and use Silhouette to Nuke. Thank you for having the mocha tracker in silhouette, will take it from here.

@valarts_118 I’m always hoping for a standardized spline format and a universal export in the industry.