Silhouette slow rendering PNG

Outputting PNG sequence within Silhouette standalone take painfully long. Is there a reason?


PNG, as you noticed, is notoriously slow and has a poor compression ratio. The other formats will be more efficient.

I see. However, when I tried output TIF or EXR (reasonable speed). They are all blown out, like the exposure has cranked up 2-3 stops.

Only PNG SEQ retain the same.

It sounds like you have a bit depth or color space mismatch. If your source material is 8 bit and you are using a 16 or 32 bit session, rendering to a 32 bit format like EXR will look blown out.

My source is ProRes 4444 QuickTime at 16 bit. And my session is setup at 16 bit float.

Attached screen shot, output from the same project/session:

Left is TIF, middle is PNG and right is EXR. The PNG is the one rendered correctly.

@EdmondL The ProRes file is sRGB and would need to be linearized to look correct when rendering to TIFF or EXR. You can do this by adding an OCIO Colorspace node from the Color group and setting the Input Colorspace to sRGB and the Output Colorspace to linear. Does this solve the issue for you?

Yes, it does the trick! Thanks Marco!