Silhouette splines to Nuke


I am really curious to know one thing about Silhouette roto splines.
Why the splines from Silhouette is really heavy inside Nuke?

Any insights are appreciated!

If you’re working with X-Splines in Silhouette, they have to be converted to Bezier when they export to Nuke, since Nuke doesn’t support X-Splines.
Also, some export options result in the splines getting baked - ie. one key per frame. But that shouldn’t happen normally.


@askmadlookz Once the Silhouette splines are exported to Nuke, they are Nuke native splines. Nuke just renders splines much slower than Silhouette, especially when motion blur is involved.

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@askmadlookz Hi, if you export nuke9+ rotonode - in silhouette enable the motion blur parameter for the roto unit, set the value to no higher than 3 and again disable the checkbox of this parameter. Then export your nuke roto.

Looks like a hack! will try for sure and Thanks

This is due to the fact that the nuke, like the silhouette, distinguishes between the concepts for motion blur. And by default it enables global motion blur for the entire roto node. And since 16 samples is a rather difficult task for a nuke, splines “slow down”