Silhouette standalone, render with Alpha

Hi, i have this on screen, MP4 Transformed with a border,

If i render PNG with Alpha ticked i get this, a border with alpha but no image

If i untick Alpha i get the image back but no Alpha :man_shrugging:

Could you advise me to what i’m doing wrong, thanks,

If you remove the BCC Border effect and render a PNG with alpha it will process RGBA properly. (I just checked).

The issue is not all plugins handle alpha the same way. If you want to use the BCC Border effect, you can first, select the image source and change the Alpha fill setting to be opaque:

This worked for me and the Border and Transform effects processed alpha with the result you are looking for.

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Thankyou, yep that worked, funny how some things work, esp for novices like me, you’d think transparent was the option to choose, :upside_down_face::joy::+1:
I’ve been using Silhouette plugin now for a yr or so because it works the plugins well, but the standalone render option, creating many image files is not ideal, i’ve read that hopefully you’ll be adding a video render option?
Thanks again :+1:

Slightly different border in these pics, i had to recreate it after Silhouette crashed my system twice, don’t know what that was about, at least now i know of other buttons to change to get an alpha channel on the output files :+1:

interesting that this shows white background when loaded on here but in Vegas & in Gimp it shows the Alpha & the transparency works fine, as expected,

This is just a random PNG i have, the alpha shows grey just like my pic in the earlier comment with just the border :upside_down_face::man_shrugging::woozy_face::joy: