Silhouette_Tracking matrix Offsetting my ROTO

Hello Team Boris ,i’m faced with tracking issues , where my rotos are being offset. The Tracks overrides the keyframes at times or drift extensively . Please after viewing the video , think of reasons this might happen .

Looks like the track itself is just not tracking well. Looks like you have too small of an area to track OR the motion is too large for the size of the shape. You can increase the horizontal and vertical search area if you’re using the planar track OR you can simply link that smaller shape to the shoulder track and roto from there. Can you try any of those things and let us know?

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I’m using the Mocha tracking feature on this shot . In the begining every thing seem to start off well . Then tracks started drifting or straight out disappering . And the other bug i foiund was that keys which i explicitly set got overriden by the tracker . Hence (my shpae is my trackedshape). I will try to respond later during the day . I’m in the rebelway Advance Nuke Compositing course.

Yes, exactly. And what I was suggesting applies to the Mocha Planar Track.