Silhouette UI font size?

Is there a preference / system variable somewhere to change the UI font size ?

Old people with glasses would like to know !


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Be good to know or have if it does not exist already.

No, there is not currently a way to change the UI font size. We’ll have to look into this.


If there is currently no way to change the UI font size, what is the optimal screen resolution to run Silhouette? At UHD everything is far too small, I have to down res to 2560 x 1440 for a decent interface.

Are you using a High DPI monitor in Windows 10?

I’m using a BenQ BL2711U on macOS Mojave. This monitor has the ability to display up to UHD (3840x2160), however, as I stated I have to scale the resolution down to 2560x1440 in order to have a comfortable interface.

For which resolution has the Silhouette UI been optimized?

Silhouette is optimized to run on both normal dpi or high dpi monitors. The resolution you choose to run at will determine the size of the text in applications. On a Mac, the Displays preference controls whether you select the default resolution for the display or a scaled resolution. When scaled, there are settings for larger or smaller text. On our systems with 4K display, we are running the Displays preference at Scaled with the slightly larger text.

Do you mean there are text scaling options within Silhouette? If so, where are they located?

If you are referring to macOS, there are only text scaling options which work across all applications if you are using a built in Retina display. If you are using third party monitors, you can only scale text within the OS and the applications it ships with. This will not work for Silhouette.

I am referring to the macOS Displays preference controls. Yes, it adjusts the resolution and text size for all applications.

On my Mac, other vfx software like Nuke and Resolve all have a similar text size as Silhouette. Silhouette is not small compared to the others.

As I mentioned previously, there is not a way to change the text size for Silhouette only.

Agreed with the size vs other apps Marco, so maybe the problem is more of a problem with QT4 vs 5 rather than anything else.

However if you take a look at the default text size in Mocha which recently got updated it’s noticeably clearer and for me “only just” tolerable.

For me and I’m completely serious when I say this - without the ability to resize the UI font size in Nuke - I would not be able to use it.

One of the missing part’s of this for me is that most demo’s and developers seem to run on much smaller screen sizes than the end user is required to run on, so they don’t see the problem for the most part.

I suspect that if everyone was forced to work on UHD and above display’s things would change within a few release cycles.


Andrew Mumford

Adding the ability to increase the font size within Silhouette would be possible, but text in pop-up menus and such would likely be clipped. This is what happens in Nuke.

Silhouette has been using QT5 for quite a while now and the High DPI aware flag is enabled.

On Windows systems, you can adjust the scale of text for a particular application by doing this:
1. Right-click at the application (or the shortcut) that you face the “very small fonts” issue and click Properties .
2. At the Compatibility tab, click Change high DPI settings .
3. Check the Override high DPI scaling behavior box and then set the 'Scaling performed by: System (Enhanced). Click OK when done.
4. Now launch the application to find out if the issue is fixed. If the issue is not fixed, then try to change the ‘Scaling performed by:’ setting to System.

I have not found a way to do this on Mac or Linux.

FWIW Since I’m on a Mac most of the time I would vote for the option if only from an environment variable on a “use at your own risk” basis.

I’ve used the recommended “solution “ for Nuke on Windows and it’s an ugly fix IMO.


A feature request for a Font Size preference has been logged.

What would be awesome would be the same style of UI that Blender has where you can zoom and adjust individual parts of the UI on top of a global font size change. This is super comfortable and flexible in my opinion. Be good to hear others thoughts if they have used Blender.

I really like the ability in Nuke to adjust the font size and font type, it makes it rather easy to compensate for higher resolutions and for whichever type of font you prefer to work with.

Silhouette 2020.5.7 was just released which has the ability to change the Silhouette UI font size.

User Interface > Font Size Preference
A User Interface > Font Size Preference was added to adjust the font. This aids in making the text more readable on high dpi monitors.

Note: Setting a larger font size could cause the text to be cut off in certain menus.

Thx Marco.