Silhouette UNDO bug issue

Hey, While we do paint in Silhouette 2020, Some kind of error message pops up showing “Silhouette has detected that the undo system has gotten out of sync, Reset the undo state?”

After that if we try to do Undo, It wont work and also If we check the Undo option in edit (menu bar), we can notice there like undo is hidden and it shows Can’t undo. I always notice that this kind of bugs comes, while painting using wacom pen. If we do save as also we wont be able to make the Undo option enabled. Only when we close the silhouette and open again - its coming back to normal
While the error occurs, we can use the other tools, Only the Undo state doesn’t work.

Yes we have seen this before but can’t reproduce it. Can you detect any behavior patters that trigger it? Maybe certain modifier keys being held or commands being triggered while painting?

When ever we use paint node with Wacom pen, suddenly the bug pops up without any warning or lag in software. When we restart the software the undo state becomes active from hidden.

On my machines, I can’t reproduce this, so a set of steps that can reliably reproduce the issue would be helpful.

That’s understandable, But even I am not able to predict when this issue is gonna come. So I am helpless now, Sorry!