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Is there any chance that the archives of the old SilhouetteFX forums from can be made available?

I just finally started learning Silhouette (after owning a license for it since v5!), and I am disappointed that all the knowledge from those forums are no longer available.

There are almost no useful user-level forums for Silhouette that can be referenced on the web anymore (besides a lot of non-English language video tutorials on Youtube), so it’s a bit difficult to search for solutions for some of the challenges and questions I have about it.

While I know that this is the point of this forum, it’s an absolute shame that all the knowledge posted on the original forums are not accessible anymore, because I’m sure there are a lot of “evergreen” topics on there that continue to be useful, even though they were made when older versions of SFX were current.

Aloha @Mel_Matsuoka. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the old Silhouette forums for a variety of technical reasons. In addition, most of that content is obsolete. However, there a few resources for you.

Thanks Marco,

Is that “Paid Training” the same thing as the previous Curious Turtle SFX video training titles? If so, I already have them.

BTW, are you the same “Marco” who knows the editor Jay K. Evans, who lives in Hawaii?


Yes, the paid training on the Boris FX website is the same as the Curious Turtle SFX video training titles.

Yes, I am the same Marco who know Jay. Say hi to him for me.

Once upon a time, I went to Saint Luis High School and lived in Hawaii Kai. Would love to move back there some day.

Nice! Jay says Aloha!

I’ve been working for his post company, Montaj 9, for the past 15 years doing finishing work and vfx. Back in 2006, he saw your Apple Shake 4 Training book on my desk and was surprised to see you wrote it! Definitely a small world out there.

I checked out your website and your Vimeo videos. You guys have done impressive work. Congratulations!

Hi @Mel_Matsuoka , I completely agree there is not a huge amount of good training resources & just general answers to common questions readily available online for Silhouette these days. A lot of artists who know Silhouette learn the software in house and useful tips/workflows/answers don’t often reach the internet. But hopefully this new forum will help with that and with any of your questions as it gets more traction :smile:

Actually the training made by Curious Turtle that was available for purchase from the old Silhouette site is fantastic. The YT teasers are a small subset of that.

It would be nice to have more a user forum for the small stuff where we can help each other out. I guess the BorisFX forums will fill that gap.

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I agree with Jan that the Curious Turtle training videos, made by Ben Brownlee himself, are absolutely excellent and I have watched and studied all of them. As for the Silhouette User Forum - maybe users can start sharing techniques on their own initiative and/or ask about workflows for what they want to accomplish, and new users can freely ask questions. So much extensive knowledge out there that maybe don’t wait for users to ask and just share. :grinning: