Silhouette vs Mocha vs Adobe RotoBrush 2.0

Can Silhouette or Mocha do such a good job at cutting things out? Which one is better? Are they better than Rotobrush 2.0 In After Affects?
On the site I’ve seen a video of something similar to the rotobrush 2.0 in the latest Silhouette. Does this stool function just as good?

There is an essential difference between AE roto brush and Silhouette and Mocha. Roto brush is a raster based result that does not give you much control when it does not work.

If you have a dark object on a dark background, it can fall apart using roto brush. Semi-transparent and motion blurred edges also can boil and artifact depending on the shot.

The tracking and spline approach in Mocha and Silhouette gives much more flexibility to create precise articulated roto.

It all depends on how much roto you are looking to do. Companies that specialize in roto outsourcing or have roto paint teams tend to use Silhouette for the breath of features, while editors and graphic artists that do less roto specific work tend to gravitate to Mocha Pro for the simplified workflow or plugin aspect.

Both have magnetic spline functions and advanced planar tracking. Other artist might chime in. HTH

Also… AE rotobrush is great on the demos, but not so useful for high end roto. It usually works on very “easy” shots, but that shots can be also easily rotoscoped on Mocha or Silhouette.
Don’t trust the rotobrush demos, put it to day to day use and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

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@lcompote Besides roto, Silhouette has a Power Matte node that creates mattes by using a trimap–a pre-segmented image consisting of three regions of foreground (what you want to cut out), background (what you want to get rid of) and unknown. Partial opacity values are then computed only for pixels inside the unknown region. Two trimap methods can be used: Open Shape or Closed Shape.

Power Matte does a pretty good job of extracting objects provided you have realistic expectations. Power Matte will suffer from the same shortcomings as Roto Brush as described in the previous posts.

Check out the tutorials in the user guide.

@lcompote Here is a pic of something I did last year that used Power Matte. After this pass, I did a little hand work on one side, but that was it. It’s super cool for the right shots!

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Guys I just need to do some simple rotos for my YouTube memes with best auto results. The fewer shapes I have to correct the better. This is not a professional endeavour. It’s just for vids up to 1-2 min long max
Since I’m a huge Windows 10 hater and will be riding Windows 7 until the wheels fall of I need an alternative as I can’t use Roto2. I would hate to install W10 for just one app. Adobe has dropped Windows 7 support in 2020 applications