Silhoutte 2021.5 Python 3 API Bugs

In the past (~2018-2019), I made a few SilhouetteFX v7 YouTube tutorials and SFX python API scripting examples, prior to BorisFX’s acquisition of the SFX software.

With MadLookZ VFX (Manooj’s) encouragement, I started porting a few older SFX 7 era Python 2 + PySide scripts I wrote in the past to run inside BorisFX Silhouette 2021.5. The revisions are to refresh the code provided in these two SFX related repos:

GitHub - AndrewHazelden/SilhouetteFX-Python-Scripts: A collection of Python scripts for SilhouetteFX v7

GitLab - Andrew Hazelden / SilhouetteFX PySide Scripting

During this code migration process, I’ve noticed a few bugs in the Silhouette 2021.5 Python API. One of these bugs is found in the script “” located on Windows at:

C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Silhouette 2021.5\resources\scripts\tools\

On line 25 this code is present:
min = sys.maxint

In order to use the functionality of the sequence builder script, with Python 3, you need to change this line of code to:
min = sys.maxsize

If one doesn’t change that line of code, an error is printed to the SFX console of “AttributeError: module ‘sys’ has no attribute ‘maxint’” when the feature is used from a 3rd party SFX Python script.

Also, IIRC there were a few cases of mixed TABs and spaces for the leading indentation in the post SFX v7.x era Python 3 API bundled .py scripts that could cause some errors in the SFX Console window. I’ll have to browse through the scripts again in a programmer’s text editor with “show invisible characters” turned on to narrow that specific issue down.

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@AndrewHazelden Thanks for the detailed response. I have filed an issue for these bugs.