Silhuette on M1 Mac

Recently I got a MacBook Max M1 and be quite happy with performance. So far I used Silhuette on a PC workstation and I’m contemplating moving to the Macbook. Has anybody have experience how well Silhuette works on M1 Mac - compared to a well spec’d PC workstation? Can Silhuette use the M1 Metal GPU, or is it primarliy CPU based? Thanks for any insights.

@georgedei I have been running Silhouette on a Macbook Pro Max M1 machine, but have not done speed comparisons against my Windows laptop. Anecdotally, I am getting good performance on both. Roto and Paint don’t really benefit from GPU acceleration and are primarily CPU. The majority of other nodes currently use OpenCL GPU acceleration and there are not immediate plans to use Metal. The Silhouette 2022 release will be M1 native, but the Silhouette 2021.5 running in Rosetta mode works without issue.