Simple remove not working - prob my fault

Hi Mary,

I am a film student, mocha “beginner” and want to do some little remove work in a short film ( and while doing that improve my mocha skills).

There is this shot where a boom mic is seen in a couple of frames. I painted it out with a cleanplate and did the basic stuff (background track at the bottom, track of the mic above, selecting cleanplates exclusively aso.)
Then i hit render and nothing happened. I try to understand why that is. What am i missing?

Thanks in advance,


Hi there,

Your track probably is not very rock solid. Turn the surface tool on on the BG track and see if it is really stuck to the wall. Make sure you have enough of the back wall to get a good track, so grab some of that picture frame when you track.

If it’s still not working, you might not have a cleanplate that covers enough pixels to remove the object. Try making another cleanplate from the area where the back wall is most revealed. You may need to overpaint the mic out of plate by painting more than you think you need and painting the FG guy out of it as well.

Have you watched our remove module overview videos? They really help understand what Mocha needs for a solid remove. The best tutorials for remove are the following, we have a video series on the basics of the remove tool, part 1, 2, and 3: