Simple rotation slips

I have a track that works great, but slips on a “X” rotation. Could it be the motion blur?
If so, how do you deal with the motion blur track other that raising shutter speed?

Is this by degrees or percentage? I can only set it as high as 50 and the card rotates about 110?

min% is 90 w/ auto channel.
I tried using another spline with the full plain but wasn’t as good for some reason.
Also, I like the suggestion of using the hand as part of the plane and will try it, but prior to the drop of the card, the arm enters the card area to point at something so I subtracted it.
Would I use another spline to add it or can I animate/toggle the add/subtract parameter?

The addition of the surrounding spline definitely through off the track up front where it was tracking perfectly.
I have a bunch of test clips that we have been narrowing down. I’ll send the latest version a little later tonight for you to look at. I have something I need to get out the door first.
thanks for your recommendations!!!

emailed a link.

One thing to try, if the card rotates quite quickly, is to increase the Angle setting on the Track tab. By default, mocha will handle a small amount of rotation (<5? per frame) but if you have more than that, you need to tell the tracker to look for it.
Set the Angle value to the approximate number of degrees the card rotates from frame to frame. The track will be slower, but you might get a better result.
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It’s in degrees, but you only set it to the amount of rotation in a single frame, not the total rotation in the shot.

You could always just animate the mask away for that part if necessary.
Can you send me the clip? I’d like to take a look to see where the major problems are.

The motion blur there shouldn’t be significant enough to cause a slip.
I would suggest covering the whole card with 1 spline, rather than the individual shapes. Get the outer edge too. When his hand is holding the card, you can also use his fingers as part of the plane, since they don’t move and are essentially flat.
What is your “Min % of Pixels Used” set to? If it is low, try making it much higher. This can often make the difference between a good and bad track.