Simple track... Not for some reason

I have what I think should be a simple track for Mocha, but it’s all over the place. Possibly because I’m using 2.1, but never the less…
I’ve subtracted the arm so that it won’t interfere with the track. The surface should be simple corner pin but just all over.
Here is the clip.

Any suggestions?

I was tracking prior to the surface, so maybe that will help.
It was loosing track as the card is tossed (perspective).
I’ll give it another go, thanks

Still loosing track at same place, just prior to tossing card.
Here is a screen shot.

How are you tracking the surface? Are you drawing a spline around the whole card?
If you set up your surface to the corners of the card before you track and turn on the grid, you will be able to see where it starts slipping.

Just prior to losing the card I imagine there isn’t actually much detail left to hang onto. (I can’t jump to the exact frame on the youtube clip).
This is an older tutorial, but it may give you some tactics on how to handle it:
The main issue is that when the card gets close to turning completely away, there’s not much left for the tracker to use. I can suggest trying to switch to Auto Channel and use 90% min pixels used as a helper, but there is very little actual texture detail for it to follow so the last few frames may have to be done manually.