Simple Tracking Problem

I’m fairly new to using mocha, I’m simply trying to track a mans head and it was tracking fine, until it decided to stop working. Did I press the wrong button or toggle a switch accidentally?

I’m sure it must be a simple problem but the only help I have been able to find online suggested making sure the cog wheel in the layers panel was not crossed out. Which it isn’t.

Any help appreciated, cheers.

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the forums. Can you describe “stop working” in more detail? Your original post doesn’t have enough information for people to help. You can post screen shots if it’s useful.


Yeah sorry, it doesn’t help that I’m not really sure what I mean…
It was tracking the dudes head fine, and now it won’t track at all, as in it acts as if its tracking but the roto-shape doesn’t move. Even when I go back and try to redo what it has already done.

Heres a screenie: