Simultaneous installs of v4 and v5 Mocha Pro licences


I’m considering upgrading my MochaPro v.4.1.3 licence to v5 (standalone+OFX)

Since I’m in the middle of projects I do not want any drama with new versions of software.

Can I keep installed both the 4.1.3 and 5.x.x versions of MochaPro on the same machine, given I do not use them at the same time? Can the AE 5.x.x plugin version also be installed giving me more options to choose from?


On a Windows system at least, you shouldn’t have any problem with the Standalone version as long as you install to a new folder of course. Think I had 3 versions installed at one point before migrating to Mocha Pro. If your using MamoWorld’s MochaImport+, it’ll give you options in it’s config menu as to which version to launch.

Can’t speak for the plug-in version though as I can’t use it with CS6.

Thanks mate! I’m on a Win10 system and swearing by MochaImport+ on every single project so I really want to have some options if the built in AE version does not cut the pie for me.