Single Clip, Multiple Sections That Need Stabilization - Workflow

Sorry if this has been covered before, I am a new user of Mocha (about 1 year) and only have experience with Mocha and no experience with any of the other Boris FX software. I did try searching the forum for a related topic but didn’t find any. I have watched several instruction videos on Mocha but haven’t seen this covered. Maybe there is a workflow solution that could help me… please let me know.

I’m using Mocha 2022.5 plugin for an Adobe After Effects clip. I have a 1m30s clip that has 5 or more durations in which I would like to stabilize the image for about 4sec each. What’s the best workflow for this process? The issue is compounded by the fact that I have an Occlusion layer that is rather complex and takes a while to create (I’ve asked about copping a layer it to multiple Mocha files here). I don’t what to have to create the same occlusion layer for each clip if I don’t have to. I’d like to create it once and export the stabilization data for each section of the clip that needs it in Adobe After Effects.

Q: If I have imported one clip into Mocha, I have created one occlusion layer applicable to the entire clip length, and I have multiple stabilization layers (each layer has an in and out frame property for the duration that needs to be stabilized): What’s the best way to export the tracking data to Adobe After Effects for stabilizing each of the clip durations?

Here’s what My Mocha file with multiple layers looks like:

Hey, look like you started the similar topics twice. I’ve answered your question about copying the shapes here Re-Use or Import a Shape Layer for Use in Multiple Mocha Stabilization Clips

But now i see that your final goal is Stabilization…
In case this Aim overlay is static, and you wanna stabilize the image behind it - that not quite gonna work… Because they are kinda captured together. Stabilization based on the far object’s movement will make your aim dance all over the screen.

The only way how that theoretically could be done - is completely painting out the aim overlay, stabilizing the far objects, then adding the aim back on top. But that would not be a simple shot tho

The two forum topics I created are different. The other topic was how to reuse the Occlusion layer for multiple Mocha projects where as this topic is how to apply the multiple sections of stabilization data to the original clip.

It’s completely acceptable to have the reticle (aim overlay) dance all over.

Can I do multiple sections of stabilization all in one big Mocha project file or do I need to divide the clip up in Primer Pro / After Effects and import each small clip into a Mocha project for stabilized?. This is more of a workflow question.

If that’s a montage of clips - it’s better to divide it into sections first. Cause then you would not need to deal with combining different sets of track data in AE, like manually deleting the keyframes, or linking Nulls to another Nulls.

Just create one “base” Mocha project with occlusion shape, and copy it to all other sections.

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This greatly helps me with my workflow, getting me to the final result I’m looking for. Your process of saving the Mocha project with the occlusion shape and copping it to all the other clip sections using file/Merge Project is exactly the advice I was looking for.

Thanks for all the help today.

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