After tracking a surface for logo, placement, I draw the surface shape.
It’s an approximation only of the precise logo dimensions.

Is there a way to get the correct size, once data imports
and targets the logo layer??

Hi, you can right click n the blue Surface & get some options, if that’s what you want

This appears to show working with the logo directly in Mocha AE. I am creating shape and data in Mocha AE, then exporting data to AE. I remember bringing logos into a previous version, but frankly can’ t recall how to import and place logo.

Hello! @ cfh3media
I believe this is what you are looking for. In Layer properties section, find “Insert Clip” and just select “Import” in dropdown menu. Then you will have a new window, when you can select your file

Thanks, will investigate!

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I do not unfortunately see that option. I am on the AE version, not Pro. Is this perhaps a change that has been made? See attached screenshot, Import is not there …

Mocha AE can not render an insert like Mocha Pro. The workflow is to align your surface in Mocha AE, then back in AE use the “Create Tracking” button which converts the surface to an AE Corner Pin effect. Then you can paste that animated corner pin effect to your AE insert layer.

So - in Mocha AE you would use the Logo or Grid if you want to previsualize the insert inside the Mocha interface. Possibly many years ago when “Mocha for After Effects” was an application and not a plugin, there was the ability to preview an imported graphic. Perhaps that is what you are thinkign about? Hope this helps!

Here is an older, but still relevant video that helps users solve alignment issues in AE: Mocha: Align Surface & Mismatched Resolutions - YouTube

Yes, we used to be able to import a logo. It’s now kind of a guessing game making adjustments to get the aspect right.

An alternate workflow is to use the “Align Surface / Expand Surface to Corners” before exporting and then place your logo in the exact aspect and placement you want in AE.

In Mocha Pro we have added a right-click to the Surface tool where you can set aspect ratios. Possibly this feature will migrate to the next Mocha AE update, but we are not sure yet.

Hope this helps.

I track, place surface tool. Logo is Fit to Comp. Create data. Apply Align/Expand Surface and export. Nowhere near following the track or sizing properly. Am I doing this in incorrect order or something…?

Hmm, just to make clear, does your resolution in AE set to Full? Sometimes wrong result might be a result of setting viewer to Half/Third/Quarter resolution.

If you’re working in Full resolution and still getting wrong results, i would suggest trying next:
Before Applying any data to logo, make a simple solid with same resolution as your source footage. Then precomp it. Go inside this precomp, put your logo there, and set it Fit to Comp.
Then go back to main composition, and apply that data to that precomp.

It might be that your logo has not the same proportions with the object you’re tryin to put it in. That’s why it may get distorted. But now you can go inside that precomp, and tweak X and Y scale of logo layer, to make in fit well in the main Comp.