Sliders / workflow / Icons

Optics parameters need sliders.


Sliders show the current value visually.
you know the min and max and current value

Sliders can can reset to default on a value base
For example by doublie clicking.
Instead of a reset all currently

Sliders can jump directly to a value by clicking

Sliders can dial in easy.

sliders are easy to grab with a mouse

Sliders are easier to adjust

Sliders can be programmed with custom mouse actions to control using a physical (midi) controller.

Why does optics doesn’t use sliders

Currently i find it really cumbersome to quickly catch, change and dial in values.

I hope this is on the Optics roadmap.

The layer icons need to be revisited by a UE/UX designer.

When a icon doesn’t create a word in your brain about what its actually doing it’s not a great design.

Maybe i am the only one but i use NLE’s DAW.'s and audiovisual/graphic applications on a daly basis.

And doing basic things like disable/enable a layer. Change blend modes without being able to see what you are doing among other things mentioned above really needs a closer look i think.

The content and tools are all there.
Its the workflow/UI that needs work

Thank you for consideration.

Thanks for posting your feature suggestions, we appreciate feedback and feature requests.

And doing basic things like disable/enable a layer.

One note is the shortcut to enable/disable layers is the D key.

Thank you. i did take a look at the available shortcuts.

I currently created some Macros in Keyboard Maestro to do what i want.

Control 1 will double click mouse on top layer to select it

shift 1 and that layer will be toggled on off using D

Done this for 8 keys.

So i i can select and toggle 8 !layers on/off

Why is the crop hidden left top?

Same method can be used for search. Searching for a filter should not require a mouse click first before you can start typing.!
Command F should be enough.

I also would really like to have a browser window for external assests or for browsing image thumbails. multiple tabs, multiple folders…

I am happy I can use the cursor keys to move through filters but that seems the only place.

Keyboard cursors should work where you expect them to work. After selecting a layer, after selection blend modes. L

Even after you click on them once , you. Can’t skip them using the cursor and they don’t do a live update on hover.
That’s what any photo editing app does. Even on a iPad.
I do not understand some choices you are making here. Because to me they don’t make sense. Especially the double click to select a layer. The horror haha.

I still like your software.