Slight hanging when switching between knots

I get this problem periodically. Usually when using the Nuke Plugin.
But I rendered out the SEQ and started a new project in Pro. restarted my machine. Toggled system settings. Better but still there.
Idk. It’s pretty annoying. Not the first time it’s happened. Not sure how it was fixed previously.

Anyone else get this? CentOS 7.


idk. I left my Mocha Pro open, started a Redshift render from Houdini, launched Mocha on my Mac to start working on that machine instead. Went back to Mocha Pro on the Linux box to see where I left off and now it doesn’t hang. No idea. You’d think using both GPUs to render would slow it down even more.


That’s interesting, we will have to look into it. Thank you for letting us know.