Slow down effects?

Useful prefab effects in Continuum, but how do you slow them down? They all evolve, flash, twist or explode at a certain pace, but I need them to move much slower. Where (if possible) do I find the setting for overall speed?

Most grateful for suggestions…


Nearly every effect is different. Please specify exactly which effects you are referring to.

Ok. Try “Wall of Fire 2a” or “Water Sparkles” - I’m looking to slow down the action, how fast things evolve. Tried Velocity, Life, stuff like that. Nothing seems to change the speed of things…

Any solution? Or is this just too much to ask?


Unfortunately there is no single way to slow down the overall rate of animation in Particle Illusion. I will file that in our feature request database so we can study if this might be possible. For now the only solution is to adjust the individual parameters in combination, but in a complex particle system this can take a lot of minute adjusting and often changing one parameter may require corresponding tweaks to other parameters. Note that when you drill down into the particle parameters there are often multiple whole subgroups of parameters since each emitter might be built of of multiple sub-emitters. So for example in the Wall of Fire 2a emitter you mentioned, there are separate controls for the Fire and Puffs. If you open the Fire group you can slow down the fire by increasing the Life parameter, but this then also causes there to be more fire elements on screen at a time so you might then need to back off the Number/Size/Opacity controls, etc. to refine the look. The Puffs controls would need similar adjustments, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve the same “look and feel” when slowing down particles due to the side effects of animation in a particle system. Other parameters than can be relevant to the animation speed are Velocity, Velocity over Life, Weight, Spin, Motion Rand, etc. In other emitters you will see that the sprite changes on every frame so the rate of flicker in Water Sparkles Compex 02b for example is driven by the underlying sprite animation and is not easily edited. I do understand what you are requesting though and we’ll research whether there is a way to add an overall timefactor to control the animation pace.