Slow node graph performance


Node graph performance will go bad quickly when you have 20 or so nodes. Why?
I am running version 2023 on Windows 10.

Can you share your specs? Are you using Standalone version or plug-in?

Yes, standalone.

  • Ryzen 9 5900X 12core
  • Nvidia 3090
  • Windows 10

And how much RAM? Sorry for the ping-ponging questions, but I need to provide tech support with as much information as possible.

Also, I need to mention that some nodes are more resource heavy than others. It really depends on what type of project you’re working on.
For example, having couple of PowerMeshes will expectedly hit the performance, while having 20 Roto nodes should continue run smoothly.

When your project is getting bigger, I would recommend rendering your result incrementally. After some part of the work is done, yo can render it into sequence, import it back into project, and continue work from there.
I’m showing this exact workflow in one of my recent videos, hare at 10:23

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I have 96 GB of RAM.

It would be great if Output node would have “Read rendered file back in” - button to make it faster to render and continue working with preRendered file.

There is currently a feature request for this. Hopefully, we can add this soon.