Slow "recovery" from visit to FX Editor in Premiere

After applying (or cancelling) a BCC+ filter from the FX Editor I get a spinning beachball for about 40 seconds before I can return to the timeline in Premiere. Is this normal? Can it be fixed?

-Latest Continuum version
-Latest Premiere (15.4.0)
-Pro Res 422 footage, 3840 by 2160, 24 fps; 1024 previews.

Mac OS 11.3.1
3.6 GHz 10-Core Intel Core i9, AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB,
72 g ram
working from SSD.

Hi John,

Thank you for providing your system specs along with this report - it will help us while we attempt to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing. I’ll report back to you shortly, after we’ve had a chance to try to repro this.

What you are seeing is not normal and is unexpected - you should be returned to the PP timeline immediately after pressing the apply or cancel button in the BCC+ FX Editor.


Hey John,

So I’ve attempted to repro the 40 second pause that you’re encountering but ti no avail - when I click Apply to return from the FX Editor to the PP timeline, I have immediate access to the PP sequence. It’s pretty much instantaneous.

One thing that comes to mind is that the issue you’re encountering might be license related. Are you working with a valid license installed for both the host and the plugins or are you working with a trial version? And is this system connected to the internet or is it off the grid?

Also, have you restarted the system recently? Would be interesting to see if this changes the result.

If the delay is still there after a system reboot then the next step is to get a project from you that we can try. And if we still can’t repro with your project and you’re still seeing the delay then it will be time to being in the support group to see if they can help in solving the problem.


Yes, I’m working from a full licence…activated by the Activate app as I recall.

Ethernet connection to web.

Behaviour survives restart, and was there before the latest Premiere update. But I don’t see the behaviour in the latest beta—I hadn’t though to try the beta until just now.

I forget, how do I send a project file?

Hey John,

Hmmm … well thanks for trying a reboot and also for trying the beta. Very odd to hear that the delay is apparent in the retail but not the beta, although the beta is more recent than the retail and includes many changes from the current retail version so there may be some change that we made to the license mechanism that might account for this.

We expect to release a maintenance update in the next couple of weeks so if others that are not included in our beta are encountering this issue the update should take care of that.

Best way to send us a project is to zip it up and then upload that via a transfer service - google drive, wetransfer etc.


Oh, I think there’s a misunderstanding—I meant the public Premiere Beta—I don’t have any Boris beta.

Aha! :slight_smile: Well that sheds new light on the issue. What’s odd though is that this is not something that we’ve had other reports about and we have a ton of PP users working with this product.

I wonder if theres a pref file somewhere that is causing the problem. Or if there’s a permissions issue deep in the system where the FX Browser is trying to write to a system level file.

I have migrated everything to a new computer—perhaps something got scrambled in the process…I’ll try deleting caches and resetting prefs to see if that helps.

Could you please try uninstalling Continuum and then reinstalling using the most recent retail installer from our website?

Resetting all the caches and prefs seems to have eliminated the issue—sorry, I should have tried all that before. In retrospect, I can’t think why I didn’t.

If the issue reappears, I’ll try the reinstall route.

Sounds good John. Delighted to hear that it was only a stale cache / prefs issue in PP and thanks so much for letting us know.