Slow track Mocha VR

I looked at the video tutorials and there is a fast track, but I have very slow.

what settings should look to fix it?

As VR footage is very large and usually very long, tracks will be fairly processor intensive.

To speed up your tracks do any combination of the following:

  1. Track in a proxy mode. Mocha will usually track fine at lower resolutions.
  2. Use the GPU tracker
  3. Lower your min % pixels used (the smaller this value the lower the accuracy, but the higher the speed)
  4. Use smaller shapes. The larger the shape, the more area mocha has to search with.

Please also note, the videos are edited and do not represent real time tracking so that users do not sit through extending tracking during tutorials.

thank you!

but ia have new problem

whet i started Remove i saw this error

This frame in the middle of shoot, but error show in the start of the Remove.

Why this happened?

What does your log say? Go to mocha>help>view log and see if there’s more specific information, sometimes it just doesn’t have permission to write the file or the drive has become disconnected.