Slowing down rotation?

Hi all - brand new to Particle Illusion.

In reference to “Smooth Warp 01” - how can we control the apparent rotation of the “beams” ?


Take a look at the “Spin” parameter. Depending on what you want to do, you may want to change the “Velocity” instead.


Also, check out the Learning Series for PI – some of the UI is way out of date, but the basic concepts still apply.


Hi Alan- Thanks -

That’s what I thought, too. Did you try them? :wink:

I did but I don’t know what specific results you want.

I want to slow down the “spinning” motion of the light rays / bars.

Neither of the two things you noted had any effect.

Still there? I haven’t figured it out yet…

I don’t know what “slow down” means. Less gap between each bar? Have each bar rotate through a smaller total angle?

Imagine that the bars are spokes on a bicycle wheel.

How do we adjust the how fast the wheel is spinning?

The “Spin” parameter.

Less spin means slower spinning.

Other things you have to keep in mind: where is the reference point? (the point at which the bar image rotates) What is the velocity? (how much do the bars move as they spin). What is the Life? (how long do the bars last before they disappear)

Hi Alan,

Spin doesn’t change the speed of spinning, it changes the “twist” of the original bars, and doesn’t affect their apparent speed of rotation, just the initial shape. Below are all from frame 1.

Spin Default (36.2):

Spin 0:

Spin 100:

Ah, I think I see what you mean now. I’ll work on it…

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I recorded a little tutorial, showing how to do what you asked for (I hope):

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! That looks like it will do it. I’ll follow your steps & check it out.