Small shapes rendering with pixelated outlines

rotoing cars on a PC in standard def and the mirrors render out with strange pixelated artifacts… not just jaggies, but it looks like a bug: see attachment. this problem is on PC, and happens regardless of how i tweak edge width. any solutions?

Thanks for reporting the issue:
Can you send a copy of the project file to so that we can…

  1. Ascertain what causes the issue
  2. Give you a workaround if there is one.

just try making a roto spline thats small… maybe 3-5 pixels diameter and render it see what happens

ok i sent it to your email… i hope you guys can solve this

guys im trying to upload the file but it tells me the zip is too big and the mocha file is invalid filetype… i really need help our whole project here is dependent on this working and this bug is affecting almost every shot