Smooth edges to my Screen Replace

Hello All,
New to Mocha so please excuse my nubie question. I’ve followed all the on-line tutorials I can find for Screen Replacement and I’m having good success tracking screens and replacing with my footage. When I render and insert into the PPro timeline, the new screen inserts have jaggy edges. I’m sure theres a way to smooth or feather them, I just am under such a time crunch I haven’t been able to work the problem. I’m also not able to see updates to my inserted (V1) footage when I drop a new affect on it. i.e. feather, gaussian blur etc
MAC OS 10.11
Mocha Pro 5.6 Plugin for Adobe PP and Mac
CC 2017
V track 1 = replacement footage
V track 2 = original footage.
1920X1080 23.976 PRO RES HQ footage

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Are you applying your insert as “Insert Cutout”? You might want to enable Motion Blur to get a more realistic insert. This is found in the Insert Module within Mocha interface.

Other things to consider:
You could created a mask shape around your insert to “soften the edges”. This could be done inside of Mocha OR could be done be exporting the selected mask in Adobe Premiere format (copy to clipboard) and pasting to a layer (converts from Mocha to Premiere mask).

Another option is in the Mocha insert module there is a Feather setting:

Lastly - if you are applying effects to your cutout layer in Premiere, you may have to precomp that layer (turn it into a nested layer) so that you can see your results properly. Premiere still has some issues with stacking effects.


Thank you Ross,
I followed Mary Ps tutorial and had already selected the motion blur. I will try the feather option.
Many thanks for your help.
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As a follow up, Using “Insert Composite” is the only selection that gives me my new insert over the target zone.
Also, when I use feather, even at “.01” – that equals a huge portion of my image. I’m not sure what’s going on.
Any thoughts?

Hi Christopher,

Let’s take this to the case we are working on so our ducks are in a row. I am going to explore this in premiere as well and make sure it’s not a rendering issue.