So, when is 11 going to come out?

glad there is a forum for boris…i hope they add some more sections…and one for sapphire too.
Since there is not one for BCC 10, only 11, I assume its around the corner?

I am new to the boris fx, but learning…just saying hi.


Thanks for posting. BCC 11 is currently in the final leg of it’s initial beta run and is expected to be released by the end of September. This is a major release for Continuum and will include the following new filters :

• BCC Primatte Studio which is a state of the art keying solution powered by the Primatte convex hull keying algorithm

• A new VR filter category, which includes: BCC VR Reorient, BCC VR Insert, BCC VR Sharpen, BCC VR Blur, BCC VR Flicker Fixer

• BCC Broadcast Safe color / luma limiter

• BCC Title Studio 2, which includes many updates, feature improvements and performance enhancements.

If you are interested in joining our beta program please get in touch with me directly.

Given that you’re new the the company and product lines, may I suggest that you go to our website and go through some of the many free on-line tutorials.



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Hey Folks … today we released the product and Continuum 11 is now live on the web site. Cheers, Peter.

congratulations everyone on release ! That certainly was a fast one.

When is the OFX version of 11 expected to be released? Us Resolve 14 users would love to have it!

And thanks for all of your help with the release Shane - we’re always very appreciative of your time and the ideas that you bring. Cheers, Peter.

We’re currently ironing out the last few remaining issues and testing the OFX version of Continuum 11 in our labs. Hopefully we’ll be able to release the Continuum 11 OFX version within the next few weeks. Thanks, Peter.