Soften edges of spline object

Hi, I’m trying to do a pretty simple thing - soften one of the edges of a colour-filled spline object. I’ve tried using crop texture, crop output and border edge softness. I’ve also tried using the gradient tool instead of spline. None of the approaches seems to give me a standard soft edge without a) creating a secondary hard edge within the spline or b) changing the opacity of the filled colour so that objects underneath become visible.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? (attached image is what I’m trying to replicate)

Hey Simon,

Can you please provide some more details on this piece? We need to know :

• host
• platform
• origin of the spline object (imported graphic? title studio?)


Hi Peter, thanks.
It’s a windows based Avid 2018.12.10 and I’ve just created a couple of squares in Title Studio and used the Fill function to fill with a colour.

Cool … so what about the Drop Shadow feature in Title Studio - might that work for you? In Title Studio, select the shape layer tracks and then you should see a Drop Shadow tab. Select the Drop Shadow tab and enable the Drop Shadow On button. Then you can tune the shadow opacity, color, softness etc. You’ll need to do this for each shape independently.

Thanks for the suggestion Peter, but not the effect I’m after. The drop shadow creates a hard line and then a gradient. What I really want to do is just have a soft roll off to nothing on the edge of the spline. I feel there must be a way to do this as it’s such a common design feature. When I use the crop function and adjust the softness, I almost get there but it seems to reduce the opacity of the whole spline which is not what I want. Any further ideas at all?

Hi Simon, can you create your spline on a separate track & use a gaussian blur to soften the edges,
I don’t know how Avid works but this is it in Vegas Pro 18, you’d have to put any other features/text etc on other tracks to avoid the blur ?


Thanks for explaining that - I have a clearer understanding of the effect you’re trying to create now. So to produce the soft edge on a shape we can use the Borders feature in Title Studio. To achieve this :

• create a spline shape
• select the shape
• in the control panel, select the borders tab
• enable a border
• set the edge style to plain
• increase the edge width value
• increase the edge softness value

I hope this helps,

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for this. I can see how this effect works but what it offers is pretty limited. You can only make very narrow borders and the effect applies to all sides of an object, you can’t select one border independently.
I feel sure there must be a tool that allows you to produce a softening effect that rolls off gradually over a wider distance and only to selected sides of an object?

Also, I can’t find the blurring tool which I’m sure must exist somewhere - can you point me in the right direction? I’m running Continuum 2020 which says I must have it but it’s not in the ‘Type’ drop down menu.
Many thanks

Can you build this with a separate spline on each track. Generate spline 1 with Title Studio or whatever shape generator works. Then add a separate BCC Gaussian Blur effect onto it to soften the edge. Then add another track above with another shape that gets blurred, etc?