Solid colors in Remove

I am running Mocha Pro OFX 6.0.2 within Fusion Studio 9.0.2 on Mac OS 10.14.3. My source video is a jpg sequence, and my clean plate is also a jpg.

I am seeing occasional frames filled in with a solid color when using the Remove tool. An example can be found at: (this is exercise 10 from the Mastering Mocha 2 training). Another post suggests an issue with this occuring with the ProRes codec, but I’m seeing it here with just a jpg sequence, and a jpg as the clean plate.

Above is how I have the remove module configured.

Wow, i’ve not see that issue for a very long time.

This is probably to do with interpolated rendering not finding the right lighting. Can you send us your project to take a look? We should be able to use it as a basis to fix the issue occuring at all, but I can also give you advice on how to potentially fix the problem: martinb [at]

Do you want the Fusion project, or for me to export the Mocha Project itself? The source footage is from the Mastering Mocha Pro 2 training. What is the best way to deal with third party footage when submitting something like this?

That’s okay, we have access to the training footage. :slight_smile: