[SOLVED: REC.709] Color space of output?

As per the thread title.
What color space is PI outputting? Does it change depending on the codec used?
I’ll be using ProRes 4444, generally with pre-multiplied alpha.
From the messing around I did in Natron, trying to get the view to match what VLC shows me, I’m guessing it outputs REC.709 … or perhaps Linear. Pretty sure it’s not sRGB tho, as I just couldn’t get that to look right now matter what settings I used in Natron.

The export from PI is in rec 709 color space.

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Thank you.
Any chance of making Linear an option, so there’s no need to transform the color space in compositing software?

You’re most welcome. I’ll add a feature request for control over the color space used on output from PI.

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Awesome!! :smiley:
Thank you agin.