Solved: Struggling to use tracking data correctly

I have a close shot of a plate on a table, and the camera moves vertically down slightly while tilting to keep the plate in frame.

I need to track the plate and it’s shape through the changing perspective-- which I’m able to do in Mocha AE.

But when I try to apply the tracking data to an ellipse Shape Layer in AE, with the intent that the Shape Layer matches the shape of the plate: the Shape Layer moves off frame and resizes.

I’ve tried messing with the anchor point and scale, I’ve tried exporting the tracking data as a Transform as well as Corner Pin, but I can’t simply get an ellipse Shape Layer to follow the shape of the plate within the frame. This seems like such a simple problem, but I’m lost. Any advice?

I have two questions for you.

Can you just use a Mocha shape for your ellipse? That way you don’t have to worry about making a spline and track match, it will just work as long as the ellipse follows in Mocha.

Are you sure the tracking data is rock solid? Try tracking from the end to the beginning and turning the surface tool on. The surface tool should be locked to the game board. If not, your track needs to be corrected.

If you’re using Mocha Pro in AE, you can just use the ellipse with a stroke as an insert and render it that way too.

Can you check and let me know?


To add to Mary’s response.

  • I would do the same, simply convert your Mocha shape layer to an AE Mask and you will have a 1:1 mask in AE that matches.

  • if you are using an AE graphic layer that you have already sized and positioned in place, then this is an instance where you would use the “Align to Frame” method in Mocha, on the frame that you have positioned your graphic. Most likely you would need to precomp the graphic layer to be the same size as your comp. These tutorials might be useful:

  1. I’m new enough that I’m not sure how to use a Mocha shape in the way that you seem to be describing. What do you mean?

  2. I think the tracking data is good based on the mask I’m able to create:

I just need the same tracking data to be useful on a Shape Layer.

I was able to fix my problem using the tutorial.

What confused me is why I couldn’t create a Shape Layer the size of my comp within the same comp where I have my Mocha AE tracking, and apply the data to the Layer within the same comp.

For some reason, pre-comping the shape layer and doing the same thing works. I don’t understand why, but hey it worked.

I was able to solve my problem by pre-comping my shape layer and sizing to fit comp.

I’m confused because the Shape Layer was already the correct size within the original composition…it didn’t seem like pre-comping should make a difference. But it seems to work now.