[Solved] Wrong pin values when copy paste from mocha to AE


I’m trying to do a planar tracking in Mocha.
I did follow the process i found on different tutorials, and when the tracking is done i copy the Tracking data and everything looks good :

In after effect, i create a solid and paste the tracking data but nothing fit, my solid got the wrong size, the wrong tracking, nothing works.
For example, on the first frame, I have the following value for the corner pin 1 : x = 428.088 y = 259.083
but i don’t understand why in AE my corner pin 1 values are : x = 570.8 y = 259.1


I don’t have any idea why i got the wrong values because it’s just a copy paste.

Du you guys have any idea ?
Thanks in advance

I’m on AE CS4 and Mocha 1.2.2

Wow that’s a really old version of Mocha! I haven’t seen that for a while.

Does your frame rate, frame offset and range all match between AE and mocha? For example here, the range is 1-401. Is that the same range in AE?


I changed my footage and created a JPEG sequence and used it in AE and Mocha and the problem is solved.

I don’t understand exactly what was the problem, because I had the same frame rate, maybe a frame offset …

anyway, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s possible the clip you were using has an internal frame offset, so converting it to a sequence removed that.