Solving 3D Camera in VR

Hello you all,

i was wondering if someone found a sloution to solve a 3D camera in a 360 VR shot.
as it seems that modul is not available at this point in Mocha VR as is the stabilizing tab!

I have a drone shot that moves around a building and it needs to have text on top oif it.

Any solutions or workarounds with mocha?

thanks you guys


Not yet, but we can make it a feature request. You could do it with Skybox in AE, and you might even be able to use the mocha camera tracker on an unwrapped piece of VR footage, solve the camera for that comp, composite what you need, and then rewrap the lens back to 360. We should do some tests of that workflow.

Thanks for you reply,

unwrapped VR is equirectangular. That specific camera solver is not available in your “VR”-Version of Mocha! As is the stabilizer!

Maybe you can explain your idea more in detail? Because Skybox tracks only what it sees in its custom window not the equirectangular footage.

feature request? Really? The camera solver tab is available and just tells me “that thing you are desperatly looking for is not avalable in VR at this time”

→ starting to panic!

Hi Michael,

Let me be more clear, by unwrapped I mean taking the equirectangular image and using the lens tool in mocha to isolate an unwarped NON-equirectangualr view. Precomp that view. Apply mocha VR, and in the lens tab make sure you have set the lens to “none.” Now you can solve for that section of your footage. Solve for your camera using two non-coplanar planes and export your camera to your comp. Add your 3D objects in AE. Precomp that again. Re-warp it using the mocha lens tool.

The 3D solver does not work in equirectangular lens mode. But it is available in Mocha VR if you turn the lens warp off. Same thing for stabilize, it doesn’t work in equirectangular mode. To stabilize VR footage you need to use the “reorient” module in mocha VR.