Some BCC effects not available in Vegas Pro 15 Video FX panel

I installed BCC 10 for OFX (Vegas Pro) but some effects are not available to use in video fx panel.
Effects such as 'fast blur, fast film damage, and others are not visible when searching, only when you choose ‘fx browser’ can be visible but not usable…
I tried reinstall but still. And different effects disappear on each reinstall…

Hi! This is very odd behavior and definitely not something that we have either seen in our labs nor have we heard any other reports like this from our user base. Also, you’re attempting to install a legacy product into a modern version of the Vegas host. We have not tested BCC 10 in Vegas 15 as it did not exist when BCC 10 was released. You might want to use the Windows add/remove programs to remove BCC10 from your system, then try a fresh reinstall to see if that helps. If that still fails, you might want to either send an email to our support group ( or upgrade to BCC 11. I hope this helps.

Thank you
I guess that might be the reason why some effects are not available. I’ll try BCC 11