Some of the video fx does not work

Hi I’m here to ask about the mocha feature , you see some of the video fx in my Vegas pro work very good but it puts something like an x mark on the video because of the mocha feature, and the people who are using the blurmocurve will know what I mean so I just want to know how can I remove the x mark

You’ll need to post a screenshot of what you mean as i’m not sure what you’re talking about.

hi, i sent the pic and i want to also say that my activation key is not working for some reason

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Hi, try going to C:\Users’your name’\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\19.0
delete these two files in the BIN File, Vegas will recreate these & it’ll reset the plugins when you launch Vegas next time.

Ok you are using a sapphire plugin. The red X is because the license is not activated and all trials have a watermark: Boris FX | Why does my Sapphire trial have a red X?

I’m going to move this to the Sapphire forum to see if they have more insight, but I highly recommend you open a case if your activation isn’t working: Boris FX | Open a Case

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Martin is absolutely correct. A Red X indicates a license problem.