Some Old Particle Illusion Emtters No longer Found

I couldn’t find some old emitters, for instance, that one with butterflies flying with particle trails.
Is it possible to import old emitters into the PI Stand Alone?


From the Particle Illusion online docs:

The locked vs. unlocked status of an emitter library is determined by where the library file resides: there is one folder for “locked” libraries, and one folder for editable libraries. You can manually move or copy emitters from one folder to another as necessary. It is recommended that the emitter libraries released by Boris FX remain locked.

Locked emitter libraries are found in the following folder:

On Mac: /Library/Application Support/BorisFX/EmitterLibraries
On Windows: C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\EmitterLibraries

The unlocked (editable) emitter libraries are found in the following folder:

On Mac: /Library/Application Support/BorisFX/UserEmitterLibraries
On Windows: C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\UserEmitterLibraries

Note that if you used (or are still using) the legacy version of particleIllusion 3.0 and created emitter libraries with it, those libraries can still be used in Particle Illusion. There is no “Load Library” command, so in order for Particle Illusion to find your emitter libraries you’ll need to copy them to one of those folders.

The more emitter libraries that are in those folders, the longer PI will take to load all of them, so you may want to be selective when you’re adding emitter libraries. Note that if you just copy all of the legacy pI3 emitter libraries for use in PI, you will have over 2500 duplicates — we curated the legacy pI3 libraries to create the PI libraries.

Alan, I did try loading one of my custom libraries saved from 3.02.
PI loaded and thumbs are displayed as well as the preview. But I’ve been unable to insert them into a working project.
I grab them and they don’t show on stage.
I double click’em and nothing happen.
Any help tip is very appreciated.

Thank you,



Again, thank you.

Great! Was just going to say that it works for me…

Double-click on the emitter in the library list should add it to the stage too. There’s a preference to enable click on stage to add, but double-click should always work.

Note that we’ve had some people say that they need to TRIPLE click to add an emitter – I wonder if that’s what it is for you too?

Yes, triple click work to me as well.
Thank you!