Some Plugins not activating with Continuum Full Monthly Subscription [Vegas 14]

Hello, I’ve tried searching everywhere for this issue and cannot find a solution. I’m using BCC in Vegas 14 and having an issue where certain plugins (The one I’m trying is Scanlines, but it’s not just that one) are acting as if in an unlicensed state despite me having activated and holding a 1 month subscription license. Some others, such as Extruded Text, are not having this issue and carry on as normal. Further, if I try to use Title Studio in the standalone program, the various filters will work fine. However, this is not an acceptable workaround for me. Keen to hear if anyone has similar issues or possible fixes? Below is an image of the plugin screen when I open Scanlines:

And here is when I open another plugin (Such as Extruded Text)

And this is if I’m lucky and trying to use the plugin doesn’t just autocrash my vegas.


Can you please upload your BCC.log file in a private message to me on the forum or email it to me directly at:
jclement at borisfx dot com

The log file can be found at a path like this: