Sony Vegas 17 Some Effects Will Not Appear

I upgraded from Vegas 14 to Vegas 17. The package I got came with the Sapphire plugin, but the problem is that some effects from the sapphire plugin I find essential is no longer available when I installed to the new version.

Some of the effects like S_shake and S_Distort for example are completely missing. I also imagine that the presets I set are also erased with the effects I no longer have, but some effects saved from the effects I currently have. I’m more worried about getting my old effects back though.

Anything? Thanks

Hi mdweslarl,

I believe Vegas has a plugin cache area that you need to remove or else it won’t reread all your plugins.

Check the following location for these 2 files and delete them:
C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\17.0


If this doesn’t work, please contact our support team and they can further assist.


Okay, I will do that a little later and update you! :grin:

Okay, tried it, doesn’t work. Where can I contact customer support?

Hi mdweslarl,

You can open a ticket here:

Or you can give support a call at 1-888-77-BORIS


Curious as to which version of Sapphire are you using, and did you buy the package or did it come as a “bonus”.
I have Sapphire Renderer and Lighting, and they both work fine in VP17.

I got it as the “bonus”, which I suspect that’s why, but it says I have it in some files? Anyways, I should be able to have it.

Thanks for the help, Linh!

This has been a topic of discussion on the Vegas forum. The bonus content you get is licensed to work with that particular version. If it works in later versions, consider that a “plus”. But it’s not guaranteed to work with other versions.

Any word on this front? I’m also thinking of upgrading to 17

Different versions of Vegas have come with different subsets of Continuum and Sapphire over the years, but Continuum and Sapphire are also moving forward with their major versions each year. The problem is that you can’t have different major versions of Sapphire or of Continuum installed at the same time in the same host. So for example you can’t have Sapphire 2019 or Continuum 2019 for one unit installed at the same time as Sapphire 2020 or Continuum 2020 of another unit. The licenses from older versions bundled with Vegas don’t work with the newer builds and require upgrades to be present at the same time. If you do want to maintain the older bundled units along with newer bundled units of Continuum or Sapphire please contact our Sales team to discuss options: