Sony Vegas 17 Some Effects Will Not Appear

I upgraded from Vegas 14 to Vegas 17. The package I got came with the Sapphire plugin, but the problem is that some effects from the sapphire plugin I find essential is no longer available when I installed to the new version.

Some of the effects like S_shake and S_Distort for example are completely missing. I also imagine that the presets I set are also erased with the effects I no longer have, but some effects saved from the effects I currently have. I’m more worried about getting my old effects back though.

Anything? Thanks

Hi mdweslarl,

I believe Vegas has a plugin cache area that you need to remove or else it won’t reread all your plugins.

Check the following location for these 2 files and delete them:
C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\17.0


If this doesn’t work, please contact our support team and they can further assist.


Okay, I will do that a little later and update you! :grin:

Okay, tried it, doesn’t work. Where can I contact customer support?

Hi mdweslarl,

You can open a ticket here:

Or you can give support a call at 1-888-77-BORIS


Curious as to which version of Sapphire are you using, and did you buy the package or did it come as a “bonus”.
I have Sapphire Renderer and Lighting, and they both work fine in VP17.

I got it as the “bonus”, which I suspect that’s why, but it says I have it in some files? Anyways, I should be able to have it.

Thanks for the help, Linh!

This has been a topic of discussion on the Vegas forum. The bonus content you get is licensed to work with that particular version. If it works in later versions, consider that a “plus”. But it’s not guaranteed to work with other versions.

Any word on this front? I’m also thinking of upgrading to 17