Speed up Mocha workflow

Mocha Pro 2019 doesn’t get a lot of time to track, but it’s the pain to use the timeline. I mean every single frame should be rendered or I don’t know what.
The caching original clip option helps a lot (or we can click the play button on a timeline to render/cache the whole clip before working with Mocha tools), but it takes a huuuge amount of time. For example, 1080p clip, length 44 seconds, 60 fps - caching gets about 15-20 minutes and at the same time it doesn’t use my PC power, CPU is used for 3-5% (AMD 1950x) and GPU is about 0-1% (Nvidia GTX1070).
I’ve set 80 of RAM in settings and about 6000 for texture RAM.
Is it possible to speed up this process?

Are you running Mocha as a plug-in or standalone? If plug-in, which host?

The bottleneck here is reading the media from your storage and decoding it. What kind of drive are you using, and what file format/codec is the media?

I’ve tried to use AE 2019 plugin and standalone. It was tested on Samsung 960 m2 SSD and Crutial SSD. Format video is mp4.

And I’ve tried to recache that video and again CPU 4-6%, GPU 0-1%, disk 0-5%

When you’re working in Mocha, it’s doing random access to the video file. Depending on the GOP structure in the mp4 file this can be extremely slow. If you transcode the file into an intermediate format such DNxHD or a TIFF sequence, you should get much better results.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you run Mocha as a plug-in you should reduce the memory and texture RAM settings in preferences so that they don’t conflict with AE. Working at 1080p, 1 GB texture RAM should be more than enough and maybe 25% of RAM assuming your machine has 16 GB or more. You can check how much RAM is available for Mocha to use in AE Preferences | Memory… RAM reserved for other applications. Make sure you set the Mocha preferences to fit in the amount AE is reserving for other applications.

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Thanks for the reply. I transcoded my clip into DNX HQ format but Mocha doesn’t open it, doesn’t open *.mxf format. How to handle that? I transcoded via Adobe MediaEncoder 2019

Can you convert to Apple ProRes HQ 422? That works great on a Mac. I’ve found Mocha doesn’t work well with compressed video like MP4.

Sorry for the slow reply, maybe you already worked this out but Mocha will read DNx in an MOV file, or I believe there is a third-party QuickTime plug-in you can install to get MXF support.