Speeding Up A Layer With Tracking Matte in AE

Only after I used Mocha Pro in AE to create a matte on a layer did I realize I need the layer to be twice as fast. I tried pre-comping that layer, but I still get the same error - the matte does not track now in proper time with the sped up layer. Is there any solution to this?


When you precomposed, did you move all the attributes into the new precomp? That’s a vital step for gettng plugins to behave right. If you did and it’s still not working, I’d try rendering the mattes out of Mocha Pro and applying the same speed to them in your host.

Please note, if you’d applied Mocha after the speed ramp you might not have gotten a good track on the shot anyway, Mocha really doesn’t like tweening that speed ramping creates because it adulterates the texture Mocha is trying to track.

If you have any more questions, I will be happy to help you.


I tried that method of pre-comp and getting the same issue.

When I choose to Export Rendered Shapes (is that what you mean by rendering?), it says to save as a series of PNGs. Is that what I should do? How do I integrate that back into AE?

Yes, you export rendered shapes. You can choose selected shapes like “all visible” or “all.” I recommend all visible and turn off any you don’t need in your layers. Render them out as PNGs or JPEGs or even TIFFs if you need high resolution. Then simply import those into your comp as a sequence and make sure the footage interpretation matches your source and drop them into your comp. Then apply your same speed effects. Now you can use the mattes as a luma track matte in AE and it should cut your object out for you.


so the PGN files sequence is white where I want the underlying portion of a clip to be seen, black where I want it blocked. How do I apply those PNGs to the original clip so that i don’t just see that black and white? Thanks.

You have to make it a track matte in AE. I like using the luma matte option. Find out about track mattes in AE here: https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/alpha-channels-masks-mattes.html#track_mattes_and_traveling_mattes