Spline keyframes do not show up in Dopesheet

Hi there,

I have tried this both in Mocha AE (on after effects 2022 and it is up to date) and Mocha Pro and I’m getting the same issue. I’m working my way through the “more than essentials” course - in video 06 the instructor adds keyframes simply by changing the shape of/moving anchor points of his spline. I have followed this exactly a number of times and still can not get them same results. I DO see a keyframe on the main timeline in Mocha, however in the dopesheet there is no keyframe when I twirl down the spline, only on the very first frame.

The reason for the question is because he animates the spline using the “last good frame” method, however no matter how many times I do this it does not track properly, and I suspect it has something to do with the keyframe data, otherwise I am at a loss.


Two things to check:

  1. What frame number does your project range start from?
  2. Do you have the überkey turned on by mistake? That’s the Ü key on the far right of the timeline interface.

Does your dopesheet look like this?

Thanks for your reply. I actually had 1 missed update on my OS - Big Sur and now I can in fact see them.
Must have been a bug fix. TY.