Spline points locked?

My spline layer is unlocked, but when I click on the spline/shape to edit the points, they will not budge at all! My understanding was I could do offset tracking and/or move the points in the shape at any time during the track. This isn’t happening, and along with the “manual track adjust all prior keyframes” bug, I’m going splat! :slight_smile: Any ideas? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Hey there,

First of all, in regards to the manual tracking bug: Are you on v5.6? We fixed that. :slight_smile:
But if the spline points themselves are not moving, that sounds like something more serious.

What happens when you tun on your zoom window?

For the spline issue… Also make sure that autokey hasn’t been turned off. Sometimes when the uberkey and autokey are both off, this can happen. (Check the right hand of the timeline to find them).

Also, try turning off GPU tracking if your autokey is on and splines still are not moving, this may be an error related to that.


Thank you both! As it turns out, I don’t think we’ve upgraded to 5.6, so I’ll look into that. I just tracked what I could then brute forced it AE. :muscle:

The TABLET on the other hand, seems to be the issue. I noticed if I pressed harder or made larger motions, the points would “wake up” and start moving, then I could adjust as needed. I’m not sure if I had this problem on the mouse, but Mary I’ll take your suggestions into consideration. Also, :heart: all your tutorial videos.

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Ah! I see. Yes, certain tablet settings could be the issue.

What tablet version are you using?