Spline's control points XY positions in AE

I am probably missing something important here, but is there a way to export the spline’s control points XY positions so I will be able to drive some Null elements in AE by them?
I see the rotoscoped movement of mask in mocha is more than just a control points moving in XY directions, however, when you import the mochashape as a mask in AE there are only maskpoints translating in XY direction. And that is what I need. XY data for all spline points.
I am running out of ideas so any valid help will work. Thanks.

hey Martin,
thanks for your reply. I did intensive search around the net to find some workarounds and found very little. I am afraid it is a different knowledge area for me to understand it completely, however it looks like maskShape in AE uses no center information and it is formed only by vertices unlike mochaShape. Too bad there isnt any straightforward workaround to this since I found several folks asking the same. I think it can be solved via some script in AE. Hope to find some guru to make it for me :slight_smile:

We don’t specifically export the transform data for the individual spline points, only the centre point for the surface of the layer.
There doesn’t seem to be a clear way to do this in AE either. There were a few methods floating around, but nothing straightforward.