Squeezed footage

First time posting here.

Any help would be appreciated.

So when I import a Quicktime 2k (2048 x 1080) footage into mocha, the image looks stretched vertically.

the size shows its showing is 2048 x 2160.

half of the bottom is empty and white.

I’ve tried different film type and PAr, but no success.

and when I chose custom under film type, the PAR shows 1.42045

Did you try setting the PAR to “1” instead? Though the white on the bottom sounds like the codec isn’t being read correctly and you might try a different codec just to be sure.

solved my own issue.

converted the quicktime to jpeg sequence and relinked that and its perfect.

Mocha really doesn’t like containers, huh?

Yes, I’ve tried PAR 1 and still same result.

im not sure what the codec is.

I’ll report back, install necessary codec if needed and report back.

Thanks Mary!

weird, its Prores HQ

Quicktime 2048 x 1080


pixel aspect ratio 1


I’ve never had this sort of problem before.

So, mocha the standalone runs on a very basic quicktime engine we are looking to upgrade. But it doesn’t like some codecs. Sometimes some versions of ProRes don’t play nice with the standalone.

I see, well its not a total deal breaker.

the Image sequence route isn’t that big of a roundabout.

Thank you again Mary.

No problem. One of the workaround is using mocha Pro as a plugin, it simply reads the footage out of the host software, which has already translated the codec for you. That is also a very fast workflow and ensures everything matches across the board. I have mostly stopped using the standalone on projects because of the ease of use of the plugin.