Srays too short Full resolution problem

I create a black background with a white brush stroke because I want to apply different parameters Sray filter. I want the ray to go across the whole frame as in the small effect preview in the top left corner. I attach image so this can be seen
The image is 4000x4000 pixels so not that big. If I decrease the window resolution to 1k I get the light ray fill the frame like in the preview but when I get out of photoshop I have the save problem. The Sray is too short. I want it like the small res preview. To go all along the frame . Is this possible? If not it is quite limiting. Will it only work on very small resolution images? Thank you

Problem with Srays Not enough resolution

Hi, This is in the Standalone version, same prob, this is a 4000² jpg, every time i altered a control it looked like it should in the thumbnail but immediately returned to short & stubby looking like in your pic,
i reduced the Rays Res in the Parameters to Quarter & looks right now

It’s the same in the S_Rays plugin if you don’t change Rays Res to Quarter


Thank you for taking the time to reproduce the problem.
Yes if I put the resolution to 1k (I think thats the same as 1/4 resolution for you) the result seems right on the main window but when you render it out you get the same problem in the rendered image as shown

@mastix This appears to be a Sapphire bug in all hosts. To not see any changes when switching the Optics (or other host program) viewer resolution, the S_Rays > Rays Res must be set to Half or Quarter. Once set to Half or Quarter, changing the Optics viewer resolution does not change what you see on screen and the render will match what the viewer result.


Hi, i think you missread my comment, the preview screen is still at Full, it’s the controls on the right that i changed to Quarter

When saved/rendered it’s correct

Thank you. Yes it works now. Only if I set it at 1/4 do I get the correct rendered frame. At 1/2 it also does not match. In any case great to know the workaround for this.

Thanks again

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Yep same here, if i set Rays Res to Half, it does extend the light beam but not enough, Quarter takes it to the edge of the image as in my pics, Hopefully as Marco says it’s a bug that will be sorted :+1:

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