Stabilised Shapes Not Selectable in Viewer Fix?

Hey team,

So I am not sure if this has been fixed or looked into officially but I remember on Silhouette 5 if you had a stabilised layer the further you got away from the internal reference frame the points & transform box in the viewer would skew and it would be super difficult to select and manipulate the shape and its points.

In Silhouette 7.5 the same thing still appears to happen, all be it the roto points don’t seem to skew or get super small anymore but selecting them in the viewer and using the transform tool is still super difficult. Not sure if the same in v2020?

I know @mborgo created this tool years ago to act as basically a reference frame switch right for your track data?

I’m sure it was working fine in Silhouette 5 but in Silhouette 7 all it seems to do is just create the ‘offset matrix helper’ layer but doesn’t actually do anything. Unless I am doing something wrong with this specifically?

But basically are they any solutions to fixing this issue? I just so happen to be doing a rather large roto shot involve a lot of long body tracking which is giving me a lot of stabilised viewer issues…

Cheers everyone.

@joshbarham Can you send me your Silhouette project, minus the footage, and let me know which shape and frame shows the issue and I will take a look in Silhouette 2020.5? Thanks.

Josh - I don’t remember if it was for 7.5 or 2020 but I rewrote all the picking to happen in screen space, so this particular issue should be long fixed.

@marco can’t send anything unfortunately, data uploads of any kind will be restricted/blocked in a work environment. We’ve still not worked out how to get Silhouette projects to you guys in a safe approved way… Sorry about that. I can try to recreate it in my personal Silhouette possibly…

@paul.miller Ah that’s good to know. I did a direct comparison between Silhouette 5 & 7.5 with the same project file and shapes, and the roto points themselves do not seem to skew/change size in v7.5 compared to v5 but making a marquee selection or using the transform tool is just not selectable and lining up in screen space.

The tracks I am using are tracks from Mocha Pro standalone imported as 4 point trackers. The shot is 150 frames with limb mocha tracks, arms, legs which has slow progressive rotation/perspective movement which is not helping I don’t think.

Is there not a quick way to adjust the reference frame of the transform matrix of the track data at all?

@josh I created an extreme layer rotation and with stabilization enabled, I noticed the following:

  • I could NOT select the shape by clicking on it in using the Transform or Reshape tool.
  • If I selected the shape in the Object list first, I could select the points by drag selecting.

Is this what you are seeing?

In answer to your question, there is not way to change the reference frame.

Yes @marco I believe that sounds about right! Even if you select the shape in the Objects List it’s still then not possible to use the transform tool and select a corner in the viewer to massage the shape or just any movement really.

Is that in v2020 or v7.5?

@joshbarham I can confirm that even with selecting the shape in the Object List, I can’t select a corner of the shape in the Transform tool. This is in Silhouette 2020 and v7.5. I will file and issue for this. Thanks for pointing it out.

No problem! Any solutions/workarounds for v7.5 for my current project haha?

@paul.miller will take a look at Magno’s script and see if it can be re-purposed for v7.5.

Try this slightly edited version.

@marco @paul.miller Legends. That seems to be working great! Thanks very much guys.